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Cooking Grits and Grillades

One of the most popular breakfast and brunch dishes in the south are grillades and grits. People who are not from the south do not know about these dishes. Grillades and grits have an explosive flavor because they are made up of beef stew, trinity, and grits. To make grillades and grits have such a wonderful flavor cheddar and parmesan are used as seasoning ingredients. I recommend you eat grillades and grits if you want the best hangover food. When going camping most people prefer making grillades and grits. You can prepare grillades and grits before you go camping because they take some time to cook.

You can buy grits if you do not know how to cook them. However, ensure you buy good grits so that you cannot end up saying that they are nasty. If you do not have grits you can use rice instead. If you want to cook grillades and grits with a camp stove, you will experience a lot of challenges. Camp stoves struggle a lot with low heat even though they produce a lot of heat. However, using a heat diffuser can help you avoid this problem. A heat diffuser saves you the money that you would have used when buying an expensive stove thus it is a cheap solution. You should first know your camp stove inside out to avoid overcooking or undercooking your grillades and grits. The best thing to do to familiarise yourself with the stove is to cook a few meals with the camp stove. However, remembering that the conditions in the campsite are different from those in the house is important.

Using a pot that it is too small should be avoided when simmering your grillades and grits. Ensure that the oven has an enamel coating when choosing one to simmer your beef and trinity. The grillades will not stick or scorch on the oven if the coating is of enamel making simmering easier. However, finding an enamel coated oven should not stress you because the non-enameled cast iron dutch oven will do the job too.

Before you embark on cooking grillades and grits standard kitchen kit, camp store, enameled dutch oven a couple of extra plates for flouring the grillades and a heat diffuser are the main equipment you should have. To cook grillades and grits you should have ingredients such as one medium yellow onion, half a cup of green onions, a medium red bell pepper, and one and a half-pound of round steaks. If you do not know how to cook the grits and grillades, find a recipe that can guide you on the internet.

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