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NEAR Infrared Light Saunas and How They Improve Health

NEAR Infrared light saunas rely on incandescent infrared heat lamps to provide heat. They give off mostly near infrared energy, some middle infrared and maybe also a minuscule amount of far infrared energy. Furthermore, this kind of sauna has a warming and energizing effect through color therapy. The lights give out a minimum of red, orange and yellow visible light. These specific frequencies attract energy towards the body and can assist in digestive and excretory functions to some degree.

Notwithstanding conventional saunas have high-temperature requirements for ample perspiration, infrared digs further down into the skin, providing heat from the inside and on the skin itself. That means sauna air temperature in the sauna can stay cool and comfy while the person sweats a lot!This means temperatures inside the sauna can stay low and comfortable despite the person sweating profusely. The infrared lamp sauna digs deepest since the heat source is all centered around a small area, and is not provided by energy frequencies. The rays could enter up to around three inches down into the body, making the air the coolest compared to other saunas types but with exactly the same effectiveness.

Even as some people go for the intense heat of the common sauna, others find it challenging to endure, especially when they’re feeling ill. Near infrared has antioxidant properties, stimulates the cells, promotes healthy metabolic processes, and pulls toxins away from the body’s water molecules. It is good for wound healing and cellular regeneration, and can amplify other frequencies within the heat lamps’ vicinity.

Here are the key benefits offered by near infrared lamp sauna therapy:

Energizes MetabolismEncourages MetabolismSupports Metabolism

The mitochondria (energy plants of the cells) generate more ATP (energy unit of the cells) when near infrared rays (NIR) are introduced.

Controls Body FatMinimizes Body FatLessens Body Fat

Twenty women who rode stationary bikes thrice weekly for 4 weeks and received NIR reduced their weight by 444% more than 20 females on exactly the same exercise routine but without NIR exposure. It was clear from the study that NIR increased the the first group’s metabolism speed, leading to more rapid weight loss.

Minimizes Appearance of Cellulite

Cellulite is a mix of fat and toxins which are trapped, partially as a result of a slow-acting circulatory system. Its visibility is also blamed on weakened connective tissue. NIR assist connective tissue in holding itself together, thereby minimizing the visibility of cellulite.

Higher Energy

NIR triggers color-sensitive chemicals to go as deep as 23 centimeters, allowing it to stimulate even the energy processes down to the cellular level.

Cleanses the Body

Improved blood circulation works on the sweat glands by discharging trapped body toxins. When the body is heated, blood is shunted toward the skin to release heat, thus decongesting the internal organs and enhancing blood circulation.


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